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Affordable live answering service is available starting at $89.95 per month including FREE unlimited talk time. This price includes your first 80 incoming calls or live transfers to your preferred location. Each additional call costs $.95, including transfers.

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Medical Receptionist Service

Medical Receptionist Service

Medical receptionist service is necessary healthcare assistance

In many ways, a medical receptionist service is an absolute necessity for every healthcare office. No matter what type of healthcare facility you manage, whether a hospital, oncology group, dental practice, nursing home or assisted living facility, your callers never want to hear a voicemail recording. Patients who are waiting about the results of a blood test, MRI, CAT scan, are often worried. They can be comforted by hearing a live and friendly voice that provides prompt response to your patient calls and inquiries.

Professional live operators can manage the calls of any facility for overflow or after hours, full time or part time, or 24/7, even on weekends and major holidays. Equally as important, a medical receptionist service helps put the human touch back in medical call answering by providing prompt and courteous handling of all incoming calls. You simply don’t want your patients to get the voicemail that gives them automated prompts. Patient’s issues are often stressful, confidential, or time sensitive and special care is required.

Of course, healthcare professionals such as surgeons, doctors and nurses, need to attend to patients and cannot answer every call. A medical receptionist service can screen and take accurate and important messages and provide careful documentation. Also the more informed the medical receptionist service is about your office or practice, the better they can help your callers.

A medical receptionist service can be a productive part of any practice; consider the time and money you’ll save. Customer service representatives focus on managing your calls which allows you more time to attend to your patients. There’s no phone equipment or tech support services to bother with when you choose a reputable, reliable service. Those costs are conveniently covered by the phone care management service you hire. Interactive telephone operators assist any healthcare facility in its efforts to be responsive and available to its patients 24/7/365.

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